The ITE-Platform supports the test, verification and qualification steps up to the whole certification process of your product.

When it comes to highly complex components nowadays a considerable proportion of the budget and development time is required for testing the units. Not only manpower but also the acquisition and operation of the test facility are significant expenses. Furthermore, with the increased complexity of components, e.g. in the aerospace sector, testing becomes more and more important to ensure maximum safety and reliability. This is only possible through the use of tools and hardware for effective planning, monitoring and control. Modern test facilities need tools with very high flexibility concerning test items and test equipment.

The ITE-Plattform supports test planning and the entire test process like defined like the common V-Model by providing different kind of tools to handle this challenge.
Key Features

  • Requirements Management
  • Test Planning Module
  • Test Execution Adapter
  • Automatic Requirement and Test Evaluation
  • Configurable Test Reporting
  • Traceability Reports
  • Test Coverage Analyses
  • Verification Reports of the Unit under Test
The process provided by ITE-Platform is applied in
  • TESSY by Razorcat GmbH
  • YAVE by FTI Group